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Its time to expand your dive knowledge!

The Dive Shop hosts a wide variety of specialty courses to expand your knowledge of the sport and enrich your experience when you go diving. The list below is a small sample – come in and we can discuss your personal interests.

Nitrox Diver
NitroxThe Dive Shop offers two Nitrox specialty classes. Both offer a Nitrox certification (with certification card). Little else has impacted recreational diving more than the introduction of Nitrox, allowing more time underwater.

SDI Computer Nitrox is designed to teach open water Scuba divers how to use Nitrox mixtures up to 40% with the aid of a programmable computer. The class is 3 hours in length and does not require any pool or open water dives. The Computer Nitrox class is $75.

TDI Nitrox course is a detailed course for divers wishing to utilize enriched air Nitrox as a breathing gas. During this course, you will learn the benefits, hazards and proper procedures for diving with Nitrox mixtures up to 40%. Your TDI Instructor will also cover equipment considerations, cylinder labeling, and analyzing Nitrox mixes. The course follows an easy to read and understand diver manual titled Understanding Nitrox and water proof tables for quick on site reference. The class is 4 hours in length and does not require any pool or open water dives. The TDI Nitrox course is $125.

Cayman P1040667aUnderwater Photographer / Video Diver
The Dive Shop offers two specialty certifications in one. With the advent of digital media, the size of photographic equipment has been significantly reduced and the cost of dive cameras is within the reach of most budgets. This gives the average diver an opportunity to create shareable memories of their dives. This course covers the basics of underwater photographic equipment, preparation, composition, the use of light and models, and creation of “stories”. Divers must possess an underwater camera and a lighting system (a limited number of rental cameras are available) for the course. The instruction will consist of a 3 hour class, two open water dives (for the practical application), and a short demonstration period. The class cost is $80, however is you purchase a camera from The Dive Shop, the cost of the class will be reduced 50%.

Dry Suit Diver
usia dry suitThis course allows the student to develop knowledge and skills to properly use a dry suit, covering types of dry suits, accessories, maintenance, and basic repair procedures. The course consists of one 4 hour class and two open water dives. Divers are required to have their own dry suit for this certification. The course cost is $50.


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