Made by divers for divers

Comfortable Size

No bigger than a flashlight – it fits easily in your hand and is easily controlled, even in thick gloves!

Auto Color Adjustment!

Designed to automatically adjust the color balance based on the water type and depth!

Simple to control

Pick you function with the rotating dial — start and stop by depressing the single button!

Connect your Paralenz Vaquita to the free Paralenz App and keep all your dives in one place. Organize your dives with the intelligent dive log and make them shareable in no time. Share your dives on TheOceanBase and get inspired by dive footage from divers worldwide. With every dive you share on TheOceanBase, you share valuable Ocean data with scientists worldwide.

In a BDC pocket, the palm of your hand, or mounted on a stick or mask,

It Fits!

Put your dive on the map

Turn your dive into a story and put it on the map – inspire and get inspired! You can view dives from all around the world and get ideas for your next adventure.

Out-of-the-Box functionality!

The Dive Shop is the only authorized Vaquita® dealer in Utah

Come in today,

put it in your hands and see how amazing this camera is!