Our Yap Adventure to Palau

Where’s Yap? Think of the South Pacific, about a 2 hour flight from Guam (south and west).

Why Yap? If you want to see mantas, mandarinfish, sharks, stone money  and so much more, Yap is the place!

… and that was the plan! Unfortunately, a world-wide pandemic got in the way. When we arrived in Guam for our flight to Yap, we learned that the President of the Federated States of Micronesia would not allow us to travel to Yap unless we quarantined for 14 days (the full duration of our trip). We were stuck in Guam. Fortunately, we have a great agent, and the group re-routed to Palau and completed our adventure in Palau instead of Yap. The end result was 8 days of diving in Palau (3 in Guam too), 5 dives spent with mantas, successful hunts for mandarinfish, and sharks, sharks, and more sharks – but no stone money.