Open Water Scuba Diver Certification price of $300 is all inclusive.

Open Water Scuba Diver Certification price of $300 is all inclusive.

  • Certification Dives -

Certification Dives -

These are for Open Water and Online students who have completed their pool training and are looking for opportunities to do their certification dives. Select ONE option at the link below.

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Certification dives can be performed either at Blue Lake (near Wendover, UT) or at The Crater (Midway, UT). 

Blue Lake dives are a weekend trip, starting at 9am on Friday morning (at The Dive Shop) and will be complete not later than 3pm on Saturday. You will be spending the night in Wendover on Friday evening. A $10 fee secures eligibility for a significant discount (a 60% discount off the regular rate) at the hotel.

The Crater dives are done in day-trips to Midway, normally on two consecutive weekday evenings (two hour blocks). The Crater is private property - they charge an admission fee for divers which totals $70 for both days of diving. Please bear in mind that the listed times are the times IN THE WATER. On the first day, you must be at The Dive Shop 2 hours prior to your scheduled time in order to receive gear and drive to the Crater. The second day, you will meet at the Crater 1/2 before your scheduled time.

Your instructor will provide details for both options during your training.

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