Open Water Scuba Diver Certification price of $300 is all inclusive.

The Dive Shop has teamed with the University of Utah Department of Kinesiology to provide ESSF credit to students who complete Scuba instruction in Basic and Advanced certification.

Registration at both the U of U and The Dive Shop are necessary to obtain the credit; The first step is to check in with ESSF – then choosing your class below is the next important step.

Signing up for ONE class satisfies the University 12 hour requirement!

Students are encouraged to contact the University for additional requirements (see contact info below).

The Dive Shop features certification by Scuba Diving International (SDI)/Technical Diving International (TDI), the largest technical certification agency in the world. SDI is a primary member of the Recreational Scuba Training Council (RSTC); SDI certification cards are recognized throughout the world

Your tuition includes books, equipment rental for 4 class/pool sessions and for 4 Open Water dives. The only additional costs would be for transportation/food/lodging for the Open Water dives (the Crater is private property and charge a daily admission fee – if you are performing your certification dives at the Crater, you will be required to pay that fee as well; ask at The Dive Shop for details). Check our calendar below for a class date that fits your schedule – then fill in the form and complete the registration through the “Cart” page. This will notify the University and The Dive Shop of your interest. You will be contacted to complete the registration.

Open Water dives at usually done at Blue Lake (near Wendover) the last weekend of each month, and can also be done at the Crater (Midway, UT) by special arrangement with The Dive Shop.

University of Utah Point of Contact

Amber Hills-Martin
ESSF Program Manager
(801) 587-7684
Department of Kinesiology


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University of Utah Student Registration

when registering, use Coupon Code "UnivofUtah"!

For ESSF 1350 (Basic Scuba), select a class labeled “Open Water”

For ESSF 1351 (Advanced Scuba), select a class labeled “Advanced Diver”

Liability and Medical Release Forms

All students are required to complete and sign our Liability Release and Medical forms prior to your first class. Parents or guardians will also be required to sign for students under the age of 18.

IMPORTANT: If the Medical Form has any “Yes” answers, then the third form (Physician’s Statement) should be printed and signed by your physician prior to any pool activities. Bring the signed Physician’s Statement to class.

If your physician does not have experience with scuba-related medicine, SDI has prepared a “Guidelines for Recreational Scuba Diver’s Physical Examination” to assist him/her in making a medical determination of suitability which you can share with your health care provider (Dr’s Guidelines below).

General Liability Form  Medical Statement  Physician's Form  Dr's Guidelines

Choose your class at the link below

Choosing ONE class satisfies the University 12 hour requirement!

Remember, when registering use Coupon Code "UnivofUtah"!

Open Water Training

Advanced Open Water Training

*Note* The signup process will ask for a $30 deposit. The Coupon Code "UnivofUtah" will cancel the deposit amount