Open Water Scuba Diver Certification price of $300 is all inclusive.



Part Number:416566NR Manufacturer: Mares Size: NORMAL USE

The Atlas Adj Octopus is the new, all-metal octopus from Mares. Highly durable and designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding diving environments. A solid, robust and reliable octopus at a very competitive price.

The all-metal Atlas Adj Octopus offers high thermo-conductivity, making it suitable for cold water diving. The robust, metal second stage is highly durable and designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding diving environments.

The Atlas Adj Octopus features a PAD (Pneumatically Assisted Design) system in combination with Mares’ patented VAD (Vortex Assisted Design) system. This synergy allows for high airflow, offering smooth, comfortable breathing at all depths and in extreme temperatures. With no moving parts inside the bypass, the possible formation of ice crystals when diving in cold water is never a problem.

The Atlas Adj Octopus features a large pivoting purge button and a knob for easy adjustment of breathing comfort, even when wearing gloves. It includes a low-pressure Superflex hose which, thanks to its light weight and flexibility, guarantees high comfort during use.

The main features of the Atlas Adj Octopus are:

• All Metal technology
• A V.A.D. system for natural breathing at any depth
• Adjustable breathing comfort to meet the diver's needs
• P.A.D. - Pneumatically Assisted Design; the second stage valve is designed and manufactured for pneumatic operation, minimising the spring load and, consequently, inhalation effort
• A large, pivoting exhaust button which is easy to use, even with thick gloves
• High airflow
• A Superflex hose

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