Open Water Scuba Diver Certification price of $300 is all inclusive.

Student Essentials Package

Student Essentials Package

Part Number:DS_STU_ESS Manufacturer: The Dive Shop

Question: What are the Best-Dressed Divers Wearing?

Answer: Personalized gear, fitted to the individual and matched to their own taste!



All students are encouraged to purchase their own mask/snorkel/boots/fins set to optimize their training experience and to equip them for many years of comfortable and safe Scuba diving. We offer superior equipment from manufacturers like Mares, Oceanic, Sherwood, Cressi, and many others. Since we do not believe that one manufacturer can satisfy all of a diver's needs, the Student Essentials package allows you to choose the best from any of our manufacturers (ie mixing and matching brands is okay)! This allows you to choose the “best of breed” for your needs.

And best of all, as a student you can “Try-it and Buy-it”! after purchase of the Essential package, you come to the shop to try on your gear. The Staff at The Dive Shop are trained to ensure proper fit and styling. After purchase, you can take it to the pool and try it out. If something is not quite right (fit, color, style, etc), bring it back and we will swap it for something else. This offer stands as long as you are in pool training.

Simply complete the purchase above, then come to The Dive Shop (429 W 500 S Bountiful, UT) for your personal fitting!

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